About the App

You are busy. Your team is busy. Sitelinez is designed to provide quick, line of sight, answers - presented in a socialized timeline. Follow @wave_progress or @shipping to be constantly updated on the latest progress of shipments. Then, use this information to interact directly with your team.

Your WMS has something to say. Turn that information into action with SiteLinez.

A Socialized
Data Integration

Sitelinez takes IoT data, execution system feeds and EMS Alerts and organizes them into an easy to “follow” timeline.

Follow Event Producers
(SiteBots or individuals)

You follow SiteBots or individuals and interact with them in a natural social network style.

Filter by shipment,
customer, carrier or
other meaningful data

Filter by Item, shipment, delivery or anything else meaningful to you. Search by anything.

Re-post to 
operations grouped or 

Whether originally posted by a user or a bot, you can reply or repost on your timeline.


Using our SenseSayz Socialized IoT platform we can integrate with feeds from IoT sensors, telemetry sensors on warehouse vehicles, autonomous AGVs, automation systems, enterprise execution systems, like manufacturing and transportation systems, and users.


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